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Custom Battery Cables and AC Removal

I had just started the Air Conditioning & Heat duct removal process on the CK5.com Blazer when Vince from CustomBatteryCables.com contacted me about the super beefy custom cables that he makes. Because I wanted to reroute much of the existing cables during this project I decided it would be a good time to also relocate the battery back toward the rear of the Blazer.

The first step was to remove all the AC parts, this was actually kind of fun to do, I can actually get to that last spark plug without any problems now. A trip to the local Home Depot produced a small sheet of metal and a pair of tin snips, the metal was the perfect size and can be found in the hardware isle. Simply cut out around the body seams etc. and it's ready to be attached to the firewall with some small sheet metal screws, also from Home Depot.

AC removed Firewall cleaned up
Cut out with tin snips Steel in place

With all the AC and heat out of the way it was time to order the cables from CustomBatteryCables.com. I ordered 4 cables in all, a negative cable to connect from the battery to the chassis, a positive cable to connect the battery to a 3/8 junction block mounted on the firewall, a short cable that will connect the remote solenoid to the junction block and the last cable that connects the remote solenoid down to the starter.

I couldn't have ben more happier when I received the cables, they made my old stock cables look like a piece of string in comparison. The cables are very high quality and can be ordered with any combination of ends to satisfy any project.

The cables are custom made to your specified length out of 2/0 cable. 
Copper ends don't melt when they get very hot like the cheap lead ones.
Sealed with thick wall, adhesive lined, heat shrink tubing.
The heat shrink is similar to hot glue, it insulates and protects cable from corrosion. 
Heavy cable and soldered ends reduce resistance and voltage drop, providing more power to the starter.

Stock VS 2/0 cable Beefy 2/0 cables 3/8 junction block

I ended up moving the battery to the passenger side of the bed mounted in a plastic battery box that I purchased from Walmart for around 6 dollars. The positive cable runs from the junction box (firewall) on top of the frame rail and up through the bottom of the rear seat floor bracket. Running it on top of the frame rail turned out really easy because there were holes there already from the factory, I simply ran zip ties through them to hold the cable down. I drilled out the bottom of the rear seat mounting bracket and installed 4 pieces of plastic door edge around the sharp edges and ran the cable up to the battery, the negative cable was bolted to the frame.

Cables through floor Battery box All finished

I ended up running the positive battery cable to a junction box lower on the firewall because I needed a lower spot to connect the somewhat short positive winch cable to, and I didn't want the remote solenoid down by the exhaust and the elements.

This small project also gave me a reason to clean up other miscellaneous wires on the firewall, I now have room to work in the engine bay if I have to. Thanks to CustomBatteryCables.com I received exactly what I needed and that was a quality product built to my specs in a short period of time. - Steve Fox


Custom Battery Cables
PO Box 6716
Apache Junction, AZ 85278

Phone: (602) 329-8363

E-Mail: sales@custombatterycables.com
Web Site: www.custombatterycables.com




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