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Old 11-22-2010, 03:44 PM
Posted in reply to MNorby's post starting "yep they are metric and the feed is..."
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These are the fittings I used my my e2000 pump out of a late 90s f-150

This is the pressure fitting on the TBI:

This is the return fitting on the TBI:
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Old 11-23-2010, 10:18 AM
Posted in reply to GRINCH's post starting "Slight Hijack. How did you connect..."
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Originally Posted by 90k5blaze View Post
Slight Hijack.

How did you connect the lines to your sending unit? I have been unsuccessful in locating an adapter to go from GM O ring fuel line to AN.
What you'll need is...

9894DBHERL This fitting adapts 14mm x 1.5 fuel injection O-ring seal to -6AN

9894DBJERL. This fitting adapts 16mm x 1.5 fuel injection O-ring seal to -6AN
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Old 11-23-2010, 10:33 AM
Posted in reply to 4X4HIGH's post starting "What you'll need is... Earl's ..."
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another good read about tbi adapters
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Old 11-23-2010, 12:10 PM
Posted in reply to MNorby's post starting "another good read about tbi adapters ..."
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Thanks Scott and Matt.
I was just stuck on the Fuel sending unit. I didn't think they were metric.
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Old 12-21-2010, 03:05 AM
Posted in reply to GRINCH's post starting "Thanks Scott and Matt. I was just..."
eagle mark
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Found this part number list for GM efi conversions on the internet, so it's got to be true...

Here is a list of fuel line fittings, adapters, and some
other handy parts for GM EFI conversions. This list is
primarily for Saginaw (metric O ring type) fittings.

fuel injection feed and return nut kit GM 1711798
thread sizes are 14mm X 1.5 and 16mm X 1.5

Connector, fuel feed, double female lines GM 15544805
connects two male 3/8" Saginaw ends
Connector, fuel return, double female lines GM 15550219
connects two male 5/16" Saginaw ends
Short sections of line, approx2", with metric/quick connect
Pressure: GM#15694407 $10.55 list
15609225 short, straight $2.55
15609224 short, u shaped $3.25
15694408 $10.55

These fittings can easily be used with rubber line by using
the quick connect side as a barb. Be sure to use quality
clamps and hose rated for appropriate pressures.

Stainless steel braided hose, feed and return
15567762 approx. 30"long $72 list
This line is used on '88 and '89 pickups. Looks nice and
it's flexible, but spendy.

rubber hoses
22527471 fuel feed, 1 male X 1 female 3/8" ID
22528623 fuel return 1male X 1 male 5/16" ID
10114736 return hose female X female 5/16" ID
10114709 feed hose female X female 3/8" ID
These are hoses which connect between the tank and the
lines. There are many different versions available, and
they are all model specific.

O rings
22514722 fuel feed
22516256 fuel ret.

Fuel Filters
25055052 or GF 481 (AC) standard efi filter
25055003 or GF 478 (AC) 1983 Camaro with Crossfire (5.0 "S"
engine) barbed hose end on inlet and 3/8 inv. flare on
GF626 has same fittings as GF481, is stainless steel (not
polished), and costs less! Fits 1995 Chevy pickup.
__________________________________________________ ____________________

Motorvac Fittings
MV0603400: fuel feed m16X1.5 to 3/8" inv. flare $16.50
MV0603304: fuel ret. metric14X1.5 to 5/16" inv. flare $15.04

Available through Snap On Dealer
Motorvac Tech Support (800) 841-8810
Accel Saginaw parts:

"The kit consists of three 12" long, 3/8" diameter steel
tubes and one 12"
long, 5/16" diameter steel tube with the Saginaw flare used
in stock GM fuel
injection systems. It allows direct connection to TPI fuel
rails and a high
pressure fuel filter." (one end has Saginaw fitting, other
end is unfinished)

Jumper Line Kit:74731
3/8" Jumper Line Only:74731-A
5/16" Jumper Line Only:74731-B

3/8 Saginaw/Hose Barb Fitting (2 ea):74720-A
(for both sides of a high pressure fuel filter, e.g. AC

"High quality aluminum fittings provide perfect fit to adapt
GM fuel rails
(Saginaw) or high pressure fuel filters with Saginaw flares
to AN-type

Fuel Filter Fitting Kit: 3/8 Saginaw to 6AN (2 ea):74721
TPI Fuel Rail Fitting Kit: 3/8 Saginaw to 6AN (1 ea), 5/16
Saginaw to AN (1
ea): 74730

"Anodized in a rich gold, these fittings allow the highest
flowrate of any
Saginaw fitting available. Complete with O-rings, these
fittings now accept
#8AN fuel line."

High Flow Fuel Filter Fitting: 74743-H
High Flow Fuel Pump Fitting: 74711-H
Fuel Filter with 3/8 Saginaw provisions: 74720 (like GF481)
__________________________________________________ _____________

Weatherhead Fittings

3/8" inverted flare to 14 X 1.5mm 1445
3/8" inverted flare to 16 X 1.5mm 1446
3/8" inverted flare to 18 X 1.5mm 1447

__________________________________________________ _____________
Earls (1-800-421-2712)

part no.
991954 14mm X 1.5 (return line)
991955 16mm X 1.5 (pressure line)
991956 18mm X 1.5 (power steering line)

These fittings adapt to a -6 AN line.
1990 Chevy Suburban 5.7L TBI ECM 1227747 HiWay Lean Cruise!
1998 Chevy Silverado 5.7L Vortec RoadRunner Lean Cruise!
CK5 Injection Section
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