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A whole bucketful of problems

So my k5 hada th400 which is no longer the case as of about a week ago (should of gotten picks a of a horrific accident involving mini rock slide), i put back inthe 700R4 it came with, for a week i was okay. Now idk if its the tranny swap or coincidence but i am having a grind/ vibration when turning, hard accerleration, some shifts and a labored reverse sometimes, i adjusted the tv cable and throttle linkage but no avail. My rear 10 bolt is very romped but it has never made a noise like this. If it is screwed up, how hard is it to rebuild a 700R4? Or should i buy one good to go off of monster transmission? Only if it needs it of course. Also my idle is not smooth at all and it feels bogged on the road. IIts 89 350 tbi to a 700r4 to a np241. I did have a small grind with my 400 but not like this in anyway. Any help would be really awesome, im just a young stupid kid looking for a hopefully a cheap fix
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