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Windows Vista - Mono Audio Output?

Allright, I wanted a monitor speaker in my homework area so I hooked up a JBL N28 to my Orban 290Rx. I have a 1/8" mono to two terminal lug cable that I use for connecting the Orban to audio sources (ham radios and such).

Is there a way to force Windows Vista to translate stereo to mono output so I can get both channels on one speaker?

This is on a Toshiba M700 with a Realtek Audio driver. I've gone through all the configs I could find, and the drop-down menus for output formats were greyed and selected on "stereo"
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pretty sure you should be able to select your output in your audio software or even its properties try right clicking your sound icon on the taskbar and looking for settings. This being said I just tryed in on my comp and no luck in mono so its up to the driver i guess..
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