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best mods for tbi motors

i have an 87 k5 blazer with a 350 tbi and i was looking at getting some extra power out of the motor, its got 146, 000 miles on it, i really should put a new motor in but i can find a motor that would work with my existing tbi set up? i emailed gmgoodwrench.com and they said all that would work would be a stock replacement, but i dont get it because they are saying that whoever has throttle body can get a high performance motor but you can buy a high performance motor and put throttle body on it ? hopefully someone can clear this up, thanks.

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Old 11-21-2001, 12:50 AM
Posted in reply to therover87's post "best mods for tbi motors"
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Re: best mods for tbi motors

www.goautocenter.com They have a 270 HP replacement 350 for 87-95 TBI trucks that's made from the GM Goodwrench replacement engine. I'd say the best things to do are a cam, the Holley 670 CFM TBI or the Edelbrock MPFI conversion. Exhaust mods help, too. Fuel injection requires a different kind of cam for non-adjustable systems than a carb. You can adjust a carb to work with the cam, you need a custom chip for the computer to adjust your TBI. I'd say get a Compucam camshaft and the Holley TBI with some headers. Good power there.

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Old 11-21-2001, 02:53 AM
Posted in reply to therover87's post "best mods for tbi motors"
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Re: best mods for tbi motors

If you have 146 k... get a fresh motor. TBI motors can easily live up to and past 200k but why go to all the work and then 10k latter the bottom end falls on it's face. You can make a pretty nice motor w/ the vortech cylinder heads, a bored out TBI unit and injectors from turbo city and a good cam selection. I would definetly suggest a chip to tie it all together and it will have to be done if you go to a slightly larger injector size. Another idea may be to look into a Edlebrock or similar package designed for the TBI motors

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