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Connect 700R4 TV Cable to QuadraJet

I'm trying to get my 700R4 trans to work with my Quadrajet carb... which started it's life on a 1970 Buick 455. Having a 1979 Corvette intake (free, just as the carb) I guess I qualifies as being a cheap bastard... damn I sure hate that crisis here in Iceland!
but anyway
I need to get the TV cable properly hooked up so I won't toast the trans. I figure some trucks came from the factory with a 700R4 and a Q-Jet... so they must be properly setup. Does anyone have a picture of that setup?
If I got one of those (aren't the computer controlled), could I perhaps swap the throttle linkage over to the other Q-Jet I have since I know that carb is a good unit.
Or if someone could take a picture and give me the most critical measurements I could probably fab up a plate to mod my linkage..

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Try looking at BowTieOverdrives web site!

Like I tell my wife, I have lots of issues and I'm comfortable with all of them.

My "build":
Decision Time! My humble build! "Flexed" it, 5/21/09!
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