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Overfilling Turbo 350 Trans ... problem?

I have a turbo 350 trans, with a oversize aluminum pan here http://www.summitracing.com/parts/SME-1000R/ holds an extra 2 quarts. It also has a dip stick/tube that looks like it was for a 700R. I’m not 100% sure I have the right dip stick. Look like the same thing my 2002 Silverado has.

My issue – how can I really tell if I have the right amount of fluid in it? I guess the oversize pan doesn’t change how the dip stick would read correct?

Also – if I overfill will it hurt anything? I think I did this and it appears that the trans just vented the extra fluid from the top somewhere when it got good and hot… any issue with that?
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overfilling can cause cavitation and foaming of the fluid. the potential is a fire from fluid being pushed out the dipstick and onto the exhaust manifold. overfilling will cause function issues as well.
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Do not overfill the trans, it will burn it up. The oversized pan will not matter on the dipstick reading, it just will not reach the bottom of the pan, and puts the level as if it was stock. Your dipstick is probably a newer one as the older ones are disco'd at the dealer. I have had that newer one on a th350 before from the dealer, so a previous owner must have done it, and the reason I had to get one is the tab that bolts the tube to the bellhousing broke off and when you add fluid, it just pours out of the hole in the dipstick tube all over the exhaust and onto the ground.
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Old 03-31-2011, 04:31 PM
Posted in reply to onetonbb74's post starting "Do not overfill the trans, it will burn..."
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My dipstick is the on the one with the RED top that clamps over. Like newer style GM trucks have.

no fluid appears to be coming out of the tube... but I did notice some fluid coming down the drivers side of the trans after a long run. Is there a vent of some sort up there?

Or would it always vent from the tube?
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Old 03-31-2011, 06:53 PM
Posted in reply to K5_Fla's post starting "My dipstick is the on the one with the..."
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fyi th350 and 700 have same length stick. but diffrent tube bends .

and checking on level ground and tranny warm ?

if it realy has a drain plug crack it open and drop some out and top off from there.

top of tranny has vent port just a hair on the pass side of the case. if fluid gets to hot it will come out the tube. or if foams up it can leak also.

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