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K5 Blazer- Electric Window Motor Replace - HOW???

I have an electric window motor in my passenger door that I need to replace. I have taken off my door panel (interior) and can reach the motor with hand. I am getting power to the motor (verified with a tester), so the motor must be bad. The problem is, how does the motor come out? How is this thing bolted in? Can someone tell me how to remove it? Or is there a site with pictures on this topic?
-Mark Martin

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If it's original it will be held on with three rivets. Drill those out and the new motor will come with bolts to mount the replacement. You also have to stabilize the window in the up position,I just run a sheet metal screw through the regulator rail,I guess it's called,into the big sprocket thingy that glides the window up. Some people just shim it with cardboard between the glass and the weatherstripping but I don't trust that approach. I've replaced many of these the same way and never had a problem.
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Old 09-06-2011, 03:03 PM
Posted in reply to BLIDVL's post starting "If it's original it will be held on..."
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Either take the glass out or hold it up in place with tape.

Remove all screws that are holding window regulator in place. (Should be 4 or so bolts on the door that hold the regulator in place)

Unplug the black and blue wire that plugs into the power window motor (can be tough to unplug-has a plastic tab on the plug that holds it on)

Slide the regulator back once it is released from the door and remove the regulator sliders from the window track.

Remove the door pull from the door and then pull the regulator (with the motor) out from the big hole on the door.

Now you can see what you are working with.

You have to put a self-tapping screw in the regulator because it is spring loaded, it could HURT YOU IF YOU TAKE THE MOTOR OFF WITHOUT PUTTING IN THE SELF TAPPING SCREW! (No I didn't make this mistake, but its in every repair manual I have)

There are three bolts that attache the motor to the regulator. Remove and replace with your new motor. Put some grease on there too.

I just did this and WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!!! I haven't even done the relay mod yet, and may not have to!

I also replaced the weatherstripping with LMC stuff and even though it seemed to be way too tight for the window to roll up, the new motors put the glass up just fine.
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Old 08-21-2012, 10:12 AM
Posted in reply to DK5's post starting "Either take the glass out or hold it up..."
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Thanks DK5 for the tips. Last night my Lady was pulling the Jimmy into the driveway and the Drivers Window went down for the last time.

I had to dive into this fix to get the window back up. I've just got a few caveats about the task. The three bolts were already out of the motor when I came across your post; they promptly went back in and the self tapper was added before motor removal. That is a nasty looking spring and I have you to thank for getting to keep my fingers.

I could not get my regulator assembly out through the big hole of my 91 Jimmy Door. Man I tried every way. Maybe it's because of where my motor stopped? However, I was able to sink the screw and remove the motor with everything in the door but loose. As your tweaking that thing around in there, be very careful as a little leverage the wrong way on that assembly will pop your door out as in a reverse dent.

Thanks again man, this forum is a life saver. I just got the truck and haven't even got a manual yet.
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Old 08-21-2012, 10:47 AM
Posted in reply to GMJimbo's post starting "Thanks DK5 for the tips. Last night my..."
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Old 08-21-2012, 10:04 PM
Posted in reply to Deuling's post starting "Manual windows for the win, win and..."
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Originally Posted by Deuling View Post
Manual windows for the win, win and more win.
No way. Ill dick around with my pwr windows until I die rather than go manual. No manual trans no manual locks no manual windows for me.
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Old 08-22-2012, 02:02 AM
Posted in reply to Gunny65's post starting "No way. Ill dick around with my pwr..."
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Every time the water in the cab gets up to my chin, the electric windows freak out?
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Really, it sucks working inside the door, but it can be done. Look out for sharp edges. Basically you remove the entire motor/regulator/arms assembly through one of those little holes in the door. After this assembly is unbolted from the door, you can slide the little wheels out of the window track to free it. Then plug the motor back in and "roll down" the assembly so that it's compact enough to sneak it out. Then you have full access to drill the rivets that hold the motor on and replace.

Even with bolts holding the motor to the assembly, I find this method easier than removing/replacing just the motor by itself.
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