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Modern ECU for old harness/sensors?

As far as I can tell, everyone is using 25 year old controllers to run their TBI setups. For one thing, these boxes are old and who knows how reliable. For another, you probably have 10000x computing horsepower in your phone than in these gigantic boxes. It seems to me that someone should make an updated box to plug into the existing harness. If they do, I can't find it. Anyone know? Holley makes similar stuff, but they seem to be always pushing their own throttle body, harness and sensor packages.

I'm sick of fighting this ancient tech. DynamicEFI looks like a good improvement on the software side, but they still use old hardware (and cost $500). I just noticed they don't support 7747 either.
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dave w
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For the low cost option; my choice for a '7747 upgrade would be the newer TBI PCM (1993 ~ 1995). With some basic wiring schematic reading skills / soldering skills, a conversion adapter from the old '7747 to the newer TBI PCM is very low dollar to do. I admit, using the newer TBI PCM is still using old hardware. There has been extensive "Computer Hacking" on the newer TBI PCM, which can make the newer TBI PCM "On Par" with Dynamic EFI when using an Emulator like the Moates.net Ostrich 2 ( http://www.moates.net/ostrich-20-the....html?cPath=95 ). In my humble opinion, the $$$ spent to buy a more modern TBI ECU that exceeds the newer TBI PCM is a waste of money.

Send me a PM if you are interested in schematics / parts list so you can build your own '7747 / newer TBI PCM adapter, or if your interested in me fabricating you a '7747 / newer TBI PCM adapter.

dave w
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