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picked up a shotgun, help! High Standard Flite King

In the effort to find an affordable shotgun for turkey/deer hunting, I found a High Standard Flite King Trophy, model k100. Please read on....

I got it at a steal( or at least i think it was a good deal), 150 out the door. This shotgun is in near perfect condition, looks like less than 100 rounds were ever fired though it.

Short stroke pump action (3.5")
Barrel length: 26.5"
Gauge: 12

Not realizing when I bought it, This shotgun was manufactured sometime in the 1960's! Its older than I am!

Its really a beautiful shotgun though, , large side discharged compensator, ribbed barrel, and a fully adjustable choke.

I have a lot of questions!

First, Any of you ever use this particular model, or anything made by them? THey seem to be very well known for their 22LR's, but not so much their shot gun.

This choke business is new to me- I like the adjustability on the fly, though I have read in some places that they do not perform as well as fixedones. Any opinions?

The fit and finish seem on par with Mossberg, with little hints of a little better quality (mostly the walnut wood).

Opinions? anything?
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Re: picked up a shotgun, help! High Standard Flite King

Hi Standard made a lot of shotguns for police back in the day. Should be a good scattergun.

It sounds like you might have a Cutts compensator on it. If you can take a pic and e-mail it to me I should be able to be more specific and helpful..

Sounds like a winner so far.

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